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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
What happened today? 
12th-Jun-2010 01:01 am
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  • 15:57 #FF @NWALSWrestling, come out TOMORROW NIGHT to Peabody, MA for an action-packed night of wrestling! #
  • 16:26 @IAmJericho I noticed that as well (Cena not being helped) I smiled and watched, in awe, as well. #
  • 18:08 @Mangum1 Every time I watch LMAD I notice that the logo on your podium is animated. Is that a small LCD or a chromakey or what? #
  • 18:25 @quenchmyheart My parents have a tempurpedic. It's comfy as hell, man... #
  • 18:25 @mtn_dew Why don't you make these test flavors in Diet? #
  • 18:31 Solve @WheelofFortune building a bonfire #
  • 18:47 @quenchmyheart I've never tried a sleep number, so I can't truly compare, I just know that my parents bed is huge and comfy. #
  • 19:05 @TNADixie Oh yeah? Firing Hogan? #
  • 19:14 Quick grocery trip to grab stuff to make dinner from @TylerFlorence's iPhone app. White cheddar mac and cheese, sounds delicious. #
  • 22:00 Happy to report that dinner was, in fact, delicious. Thanks, @tylerflorence! #
  • 22:27 Time to watch #SmackDown, hope there's more @WWENXT goodness... #
  • 22:34 My question is why is Rey Mysterio being rewarded for injuring Undertaker? #SmackDown #
  • 22:35 @bryandanielson Can't wait to see how this plays out. Name change on WWE programming, too? #
  • 22:59 The 619 has become so contrived. #SmackDown #
  • 23:05 @KavalWWE, please, for the love of GOD, kill those bitches. #
  • 23:16 The more they show the @WWENXT beatdown from Monday night, the more intrigued I get. Can't wait to see where this story goes. #smackdown #
  • 23:51 So Punk shaved his stomach but not his chest. That's...better? #
  • 23:56 I'm very happy that Kane's finally getting a meaty storyline as opposed to just "OMGBIGHUGEMONSTERGUY!" #SmackDown #
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