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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
What happened today? 
19th-Jun-2010 01:00 am
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  • 17:37 Jesus, how many Asshole drivers can I encounter in one day? #
  • 18:34 Solve @WheelofFortune taking a yoga class #
  • 18:53 #FF @NWALSWrestling, the hottest wrestling brand in New England! #
  • 20:49 Time to watch #SmackDown #
  • 20:56 That's WAY too short to be The Undertaker. Had a feeling it was Luke. After all, he's dressed up as Kane before, too. #SmackDown #
  • 21:09 Support Gay & Lesbian Pride Month, add a #twibbon to your avatar now! - twb.ly/a2r8hP #
  • 21:12 @DaveZinczenko Not so, sir: bit.ly/dyVLDy #
  • 21:15 RT if you want Danielson back and Laycool gone. Listening, @WWE? #LayCoolSucks #BringBackDanielson #
  • 21:21 @SvRGame Is there ever going to be DLC for SvR10? #
  • 21:40 SOMEONE'S got to come to Teddy's aid, right? #SmackDown #
  • 21:41 Yes, @TrueKofi, the best way to bypass a mob of security is to run RIGHT INTO THE MIDDLE OF THEM #SmackDown #
  • 21:58 No wonder Masters broke it, that was not @RealZiggler's best Sleeper hold. #SmackDown #
  • 22:04 Choking someone with a tie and spitting in someone's face, bad. Trying to kill a near-50-year-old stroke victim? Perfectly OK. Go, @WWE, go #
  • 22:09 Ask me questions, yo! formspring.me/TheSalzerEffect #
  • 22:17 Dear Rey Mysterio, go away, you bore me. Sincerely, @TheSalzerEffect #SmackDown #
  • 22:22 Just caught a piece of "Big Time Wrestling" after SmackDown, ref counted a pinfall with the wrestler's shoulder completely off the mat. #
  • 23:01 Dear @TPIRHost, No more house bands, please. Was, honestly, pretty lame. Sincerely, @TheSalzerEffect #TPiR #
  • 00:11 @Kaydenhart I'm hungry... :P #
  • 00:34 @troihart Hey if @brenteverett says you're a cool guy I might as well give it a whirl :) #
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