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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
What happened today? 
21st-Jun-2010 01:00 am
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  • 01:02 Main event triple threat number one contender match on iMPACT! ends in a triple countout. Seriously? #
  • 10:35 @XboxSupport Odd question time. Does the new xbox support the HD-DVD player I so foolishly bought lo those many months ago? #
  • 11:36 Just got run off the road on 16 by a pickup towing a big trailer. What the Fuck... #
  • 21:22 @KeithOlbermann Such language, Mr. Olbermann! #
  • 21:28 Dear @WWE, Rey Mysterio was the WORST World Heavyweight Champion ever in WWE history. WHY would you put the belt back on him? #Fatal4Way #
  • 21:49 @quenchmyheart Play LASERS with the last S making "SMUT" off of MUT #
  • 21:55 Let's play Words With Friends on the iPhone! My username is 'Thesalzereffect'. bit.ly/2qbpQ #
  • 22:03 @brenteverett Just saw that movie for the first time a week ago. Great movie, even though the son's kind of a douchebag most of the time. #
  • 22:20 Bored, ask me somethin: formspring.me/TheSalzerEffect #
  • 22:52 @quenchmyheart Oh you pure, innocent little angel :P #
  • 23:12 @nitrozsz I don't believe him as champion. I don't blame him for this, I blame the way he's been booked, but it just doesn't work for me. #
  • 23:17 @nitrozsz If you look back to his first reign, though, it was terrible. I just don't like him. #
  • 23:20 Did Dzintra really just shush Aria on #NFNS?! Seriously?! That's SO rude! #
  • 23:41 @DrewDesRochers Not in my family :P #
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