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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
What happened today? 
2nd-Jul-2010 01:00 am
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  • 18:43 Just drove by @lafestapizzeria with my windows down. Most delicious breeze ever. #
  • 19:09 RT @FAILBlog I think Rule #34 comes into play here « FAIL Blog: Epic Fail Pictures and Videos of O.. bit.ly/bHitof #
  • 21:41 Dear Shaw's, I bought THREE things. My receipt does not need to be over a foot long... #
  • 22:09 @iharryshum If I'm following it correctly it looks like a Second Cousin, according to the chart on wikipedia #
  • 22:36 Yeah...that's about right...RT @FailBlog: Shopper FAIL - bit.ly/an5CfS #
  • 23:36 @buzzerblog Marky Mark or Mark L? #
  • 23:45 @Kaydenhart We await you with open...arms...yeah, arms... #
  • 23:59 @Verdantjustice I miss Lagos, haven't been there in a while. Just found Dover Delite the other week, though. But no money for ice cream :( #
  • 00:02 @donttrythis Watching the "Alcohol Myths" episode. Whatever happened to that big awesome touchscreen? #
  • 00:21 I think the #Hwacha is one of my favorite @Mythbusters builds of all time. It worked SO perfectly, it was amazing. #
  • 00:40 @Kaydenhart Seacoast of NH, yes #
  • 00:45 @frankenroc Word. I heard an ad today for a car shop that only works on "European luxury" cars and they listed Volvo as a specialty. Luxury? #
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