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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
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4th-Jan-2011 12:00 am
  • 00:11 @WWEUniverse Funny, I hate soccer but I voted for @LandonDonovan cause I was sick of your damn tweets telling me who to vote for! #
  • 01:00 @WWEUniverse there's a difference between pulling for a superstar and spamming my feed countless times telling me who to vote for. #
  • 01:02 @WWEUniverse had it been @mikethemiz or @CMPunk I would have been happy to vote for them on my own. #
  • 01:03 @WWEUniverse and had you not clogged my twitter feed I would have been happy to leave the poll alone cause, honestly, I don't even care. #
  • 01:04 @WWEUniverse but since you insisted on posting six times an hour, I felt the need to help your superhero douchebag poster boy @JohnCena lose #
  • 10:27 To be fair, I'm sure John Cena is a wonderful person, but @JohnCena, the guy on tv, is a self-righteous ass. Last night I was just annoyed. #
  • 11:25 My point continues to be proven by the pickup in front of me this morning with the bumper sticker that said "never underestimate the pow ... #
  • 11:26 ...power of stupid people in large numbers" next to the Obama O #
  • 13:02 Alright, only four hours to go in this hellhole. #
  • 15:34 i hate nicki minaj... #
  • 18:00 I scored 6747 points playing #QRANK. Can you beat that? bit.ly/b8lZZu #
  • 21:34 Good to know Michael Cole still doesn't know the difference between "exasperate" and "exacerbate" #mondaynightraw #
  • 21:36 If you're opening with the WWE Title match, things do not look good for the challe... bit.ly/bdbqTK #WWEMondayNightRaw (via @GetGlue) #
  • 21:54 Props to @mikethemiz and @TheRealMorrison for that Falls Count Anywhere match. Great show, gentlemen. #mondaynightraw #
  • 22:37 "Beauty Salon FAIL" t.co/l6eG2gm via @FAILBlog #
  • 23:26 @WWEGames is the patch going to fix the freezing issue on my CAW entrance? #
  • 23:55 Kinda creeper, but kinda profound: Birth to 10 Years Old in Time Lapse Video via @openculture t.co/NUJgK1G #
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