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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
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6th-Jan-2011 12:00 am
  • 00:09 I liked a YouTube video -- Josh Groban Sings Kanye West Tweets youtu.be/0Axzxe1a78E?a #
  • 00:13 Is it me or does it feel way later than it actually is today? #
  • 00:18 @Aursenic Mine's been running slow as shit recently. Though I did get this mac as an open box from best buy... #
  • 00:21 @marcmaron Apocalypse, Eventually #lessambitiousmovies #
  • 00:34 I liked this couple on @MoneyDroponFOX until the Spending question, "Every adult buys video games for their kids" and "Every adult gambles!" #
  • 00:39 Really? It was Casino Gambling? I've never been to a casino in my LIFE (@MoneyDroponFOX) #
  • 00:42 The Average Lebowski #lessambitiousmovies #
  • 00:44 The Ambivalent Little Toaster #lessambitiousmovies #
  • 01:08 I agree with today's #xkcd, everyone should read bit.ly/bSYScw #
  • 01:10 Average, based on the novel Nudge by Zirconia #lessambitiousmovies #
  • 01:10 @ezraklein You sure it wasn't @keitholbermann's show? :P #
  • 01:13 Lounges with Dogs #lessambitiousmovies #
  • 01:14 Dude looks like Savion Glover bit.ly/htC64Q #Chopped (via @GetGlue) #
  • 01:52 Man, Sammy was such a sweet guy until he lost, then he became a massive douche! bit.ly/htC64Q #Chopped (via @GetGlue) #
  • 16:37 It's so sad that I get to eat so infrequently at #FamousFranks :( #
  • 21:56 How do these Jersey Shore humanoids have millions of dollars, and I can't find a better job than 12 bucks an hour in UNH Dining? #
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