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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
9th-May-2002 12:05 am
So, yeah, I spent six hours working in the theatre today helping Troy tear the hell out of the Trumpet set. Rich showed up, eventually, and we finished. All that's left now is the Spring Platform (Which wasn't used as a spring in this show, thank god, it was a simple, immovable set piece) and the apron. I got to tear up some cheap plywood with a Sawsall today, first time I used one of them.

We made Garbage Burritos out of snow fence and rubbish, as Troy said, "The snow fence is the tortilla"

I got a good eleven hours of sleep, which I would have anyway, cause it's a Wednesday and I don't have classes on Wednesday anyway, but now I don't have classes at all, and it made those eleven hours so much nicer.

I'll probably be doing one of my list update posts in a couple weeks or so, maybe.

Taking Tara to the Improv Asylum on Friday as her Graduation present, I'm so nice.

I'm a fucking moron who cares too much sometimes...god ::smacks self repeatedly for my stupidity::

Uhhhh...we listened to the D and WWF Butt Rape, err, Forceable Entry in the theatre today. Made work that much more enjoyable, unscrewing the legs off the platforms and singing along with "Tribute" and "Wonderboy" and the ever-popular "Kielbasa" and "Fuck Her Gently". ::Puts in the D CD:: Ahh, the joys of music.

Well, this kind of became a list update post, didn't it...anyway

I am officially doing a survey right now, the only people not allowed to answer are Country and myself, because I know our responses, here's the question: Is Horse Racing a Sport: Yes or No, Explain Your Answer.

I got a package in the mail yesterday, I haven't picked it up yet, I don't know what it is, I'll find out tomorrow, I guess (Emmanuel Maybe?).

Celtics rule

Red Sox Rule

I got a little under $130 for my books at the COOP Buyback in the college center, that went into the bank, so it balances out the money I took out for the Sox game one week ago.

Hrm, what else

I need to learn to play the guitar so Sean and I can form a Tenacious D Cover band, lol.

Andy (mrdiceyrum on my friends list) and I are starting up HWF again in a few weeks, that'll be fun, Ferocity leading a federation, go us.

The netBlockbusters pilot SHOULD begin on or around May 15th, that's when Tom promised me graphics, to apply email netBBusters@aol.com with your name, hometown, age and email address, and a number between 1 and 1000. If you want to read over the rules before you apply use the same email address and ask for the rules. Rules are automatically sent with application replies.

I'll be home in three days, that is so awesome.

I can't wait to hear from Emmanuel, I'm really gettin' a good groove about this.

I'm getting a new computer when I get home, since this one is SUCH a piece of shit now.

Random Conversation I have to include:
TheLegendarySTM: Next year
TheLegendarySTM: Tenacious 227
Mistr Sac: if you get in
TheLegendarySTM: I have a good feeling
Mistr Sac: that's called an erection
TheLegendarySTM: lol

I broke my phone today, it fell on the floor and the clip that holds the battery cover broke off, so now the battery cover doesn't stay on...oh well, the phone still works, and that's what counts.

Nothing else really comes to mind, so there's the update...
8th-May-2002 11:41 pm (UTC) - Horse Racing
Is horse racing a sport?! Fuck yeah dude! They call it the sport of kings! As a matter of fact, a couple years ago ESPN did a list of the Top 50 athletes of all time and turned it into a series called SportCentury. Who was at #35? None other than Secretariat, everyone's favorite Triple Crown-winning horse! True story! And I would have to actually agree that Secretariat was great athlete -- you should have seen that dude fly when he won the Kentucky Derby! He won by, like, thirty lengths or something like that. Insane! So yes, horse racing is a sport and the horses are true athletes! As a matter of fact -- and I'm not quite clear on this -- I believe Seattle Slew played goalie for the Sabres and batted clean-up for the Mariners on several occasions prior to his death. Truly a great athlete -- he will be missed!
9th-May-2002 08:30 am (UTC) - Re: Horse Racing
Ahhh yes. Not only did Secretariat win by 30 lengths, but he actually won by 32 lengths. He also holds the Kentucky Derby record at 1:59 and 2/5ths, which was extrememly close to being matched by last years winner, Monarchos at 1:59.57. He also went on to set a new track record at the Preakness, and a WORLD record at the Belmont when he captured his Triple Crown. That same year (1973) he tied the track record in the Gotham Stakes, set a new course record in the Man O'War stakes, and set another WORLD record during his run in the Marlboro Cup. By far qualified to be one of the 50 greatest atheletes of all time. When he died in 1989, they performed an autopsy which revealed that his heart was actually larger than the average horse heart. Naturally this could account for his great athleticism. His larger heart made him a more efficient athlete. Good for him. In his two year racing history his winnings were more than 1.32 million. Not bad for a horse back in 1973. ...Just a little Secretariat history for ya...
9th-May-2002 07:43 am (UTC)
Not fair. I want to comment on whether or not horse racing is a sport...just cuz YOU know my response, doesn't mean everyone else does!!!
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