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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
Want to know more? Ask! 
15th-Jan-2011 12:00 am
  • 00:22 Huh...I've been wrong all this time. RT @markos: Yes! Please stop the double space after periods! is.gd/qlENyp #
  • 00:27 @quenchmyheart see, I was always taught two spaces in elementary school computer class. And middle school English, now that i think about it #
  • 00:29 @Verdantjustice speaking of which, thanks for actually tweeting for once, ya jagoff #
  • 00:29 @quenchmyheart there's a first time for everything, my dear. #
  • 00:39 @quenchmyheart no, I meant you know me and I do, well used to do, two #
  • 09:36 @THQ_Tank I was being sarcastic for comedic effect. Emotion doesn't translate well across this thing. #
  • 18:09 I scored 7368 points playing #QRANK. Can you beat that? bit.ly/b8lZZu #
  • 18:40 Am I wrong or is this new Wii version the first @WheelofFortune game to feature @patsajak? #
  • 20:52 Is it me or is r-truth a huge racist against Alberto del rio? is.gd/j2r1dN (via @GetGlue) #WWEFridayNightSmackDown #
  • 21:57 #FF @NWALSWrestling, the company I ring announce for, and @rundownpodcast, the podcast that @NotintheMiddle and I are trying to put together #
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