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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
Couple things... 
22nd-Jan-2011 12:43 am
First off, life things:

I really need to get a better job. I recently overdrew my checking account paying bills because it's winter break at UNH and I'm back at Old Navy. Old Navy, if you were unaware, pays SHIT and, yeah, things got overdrawn. I then overdrew my savings account trying to pay my Capital One card because when I overdrew my checking it drew the money from my savings to cover it, and then there wasn't enough in my savings to cover the payment to Capital One.

So, what I'm saying is, I need a full time job that's also year-round. I've applied for a couple office jobs, and a job as a bank teller, but haven't heard anything back.

I also need to get the fuck out of Old Navy because working there makes me want to kill myself.

Anyway, topic two:

Yes, politics. Well, as political as I'll ever probably get in here. A few weeks ago I saw a bumper sticker on a truck that said "Never Underestimate The Power of Stupid People in Large Numbers" and then had the Obama O logo. It got me thinking about the rampant partisanship in this country, and what a problem it is. I sat on it for a while, and then all that stuff in Tucson happened, and I got thinking about it again.

I don't understand it. I don't understand actively hating someone and imparting sometimes-violent rhetoric against them, simply because they belong to the other team. Yes, there are conservatives I hate, but I don't hate them because they're conservatives.

For instance, Rush Limbaugh. I don't hate Rush Limbaugh because he's a conservative. I hate Rush Limbaugh because he's a pompous, racist, bigoted, egomaniacal windbag.

Take Sarah Palin, I don't hate Sarah Palin because she's a conservative, I hate Sarah Palin because she's a vapid, loud-mouthed, arrogant, know-it-all windbag.

I don't get political in here, because I'm not a very political person. I never feel comfortable discussing politics, even in real life, because most of the time I don't really feel like I know what I'm talking about. I know how I feel, and I know why I feel that way, but I'm not really able to put those feelings into words in a way that makes me feel like I'm getting my point across well. Know what I mean?

Anyway, that's what's up right now. I started back at UNH this week doing ServSafe training and the Associate Training day. We were supposed to go in today to finish up the cleaning, but it was a snow day.

These are the only snow days I'll get to enjoy while working at UNH because Dining associates are considered "critical" staff, since the students have to eat. We only got out of today because Stillings is still closed for business.

There's an NWA Liberty States show tonight (Saturday), I encourage anyone in the New England area to find us on Facebook and come on out.

Monday I'll be at Stillings doing cleaning and prep for our reopening on Tuesday.

And sometime in February (hopefully), my friend Malcolm and I will be starting a wrestling podcast called "The Rundown." It'll be a nice way to keep my broadcasting skills in tune, and who knows, maybe something will come from it.

Either way, you can still follow me on twitter @TheSalzerEffect, you can follow the soon-to-be podcast @rundownpodcast, and yeah, that's about it.

I actually wrote a LiveJournal post...how about that?
22nd-Jan-2011 03:17 pm (UTC)
Well first of all, before even reading this I was like - YAY! A REAL post from Adam!!!!!!

Second, I get what you're saying about politics. I'm the exact same way. I have my beliefs/feelings and know why, but I don't talk politics at all. I also agree that people are stupid w/ this whole hating of the "other team" just because they are the "other team." I have a good friend who has completely different political views from me... both on the larger scale and on small, individual scale. He LOVES talking politics and it comes up a lot when you're around him. Sometimes things he says make me nutty and I want to cringe, however, I just avoid political talk as much as possible and shake him off, but most importantly... I've never hated him!! I don't even dislike him. He's still my friend just the same. And it seems he feels the same way about me. Or he's a good liar. ':oP It's sad that so many people are like that with such hatred just because they think a bit differently.
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