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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
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31st-Jan-2011 12:00 am
  • 00:38 Hulk Hogan rocking some SERIOUSLY acid-washed jeans. Good lord. Trumped only by DiBiase's shining silver lame tuxedo #RR88 #
  • 00:52 It's time for the Royal Rumble match! In the...middle of the show... Sure! #RR88 #
  • 00:55 Royal Rumble Trivia Fact 1: Bret "Hitman" Hart the first introduced Rumble participant. #
  • 00:56 Royal Rumble Trivia Fact 2: "The Natural" Butch Reed the first Royal Rumble participant eliminated #RR88 #
  • 00:58 I didn't realize Harley Race had such a jewfro #RR88 #
  • 01:04 Who the fuck is Sam Houston? #RR88 #
  • 01:06 @Lagana Vince blowing his quads and gesticulating wildly from the canvas is one of my favorite rumble memories of all time. #
  • 01:13 Holy crap it's Hillbilly Jim... #RR88 #
  • 01:14 Pretty sure Sam Houston just got thrown out with a half-chub... #RR88 #
  • 01:22 And it's down to @HacksawJDuggan, One Man Gang, and Dino Bravo, HOW WILL THIS BATTLE END?! (I know how this battle ends) #RR88 #
  • 01:31 Man, you can really see the family resemblance between Tama (of the Islanders), Umaga, and @TheREALRIKISHI. #RR88 #
  • 01:58 They mustn't have had high hopes for the Rumble, considering the main of the first was a 2/3 falls tag match with no consequence. #RR88 #
  • 02:41 @findevan Does that mean you'll make an appearance at the Rumble? Cause that'd be awesome. #
  • 02:50 Holy crap I caught up on twitter...mark your calendars. #
  • 11:54 I scored 4250 points playing #QRANK. Can you beat that? bit.ly/b8lZZu #
  • 14:01 Weird day at laundry, 1st i see my idiot neighbor who broke my wrist when i was 11, then a lady tries to unload my dryer into her cart. #
  • 22:15 Hornswoggle being in the Rumble is legit pissing me off #RR11 #
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