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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
My night 
10th-May-2002 11:26 pm
What fun Tara and I had, we got to the Roxy, ImprovAsylum is in the basement, and we waited, and waited, and got in the wrong line, and waited, then they let us in and my Visa worked! I was very happy, I had the cash on me, but I look stupid enough without having my Visa fail while I'm waiting in line. Our seats were great too, we went to the Tremont Street theatre, which is their new location, and it's set up TOTALLY different from the North End theatre. Instead of arena seating around a central stage it was set up like a nightclub, stage up front, and rows of tables. We were in row one, table one, right up front, I could have kicked my feet up on the stage, had I wanted too.

The show was awesome too, they were hilarious. The first game I got to make the suggestion of "Alien Abduction" when asked why the father character was an irritable old man. Then they did a game where two actors acted out a scene and two other actors told us what the scenery was (hard to describe) and I became, "A dirty old man who should be home with his wife but is instead hanging out at this seedy strip club" I got shimmied at by a really tall guy playing a female stripper.

They sang the "Jesus Christ SuperStore" song again, it was just as funny the second time mainly because of the choreography.

After the show Tara and I were hungry so we went to Bennigan's, which is an AWESOME restaurant, 31 bucks for the both of us. During dinner I retired to the restroom, and when I came back out who should I run in to but the ImprovAsylum cast! I said to Tim Douglas, the short, bald guy who I refer to by name, though I don't know him personally, "Excuse me, and great show tonight, by the way." He thanked me, we shook hands and I went back to my table. It was an odd coincidence, which was the point of this paragraph.

In other news, I'm taking the MTEL tomorrow, and I leave you with this final note:

"Root Beer is the Ass flavor of the world!"
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