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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
Weekend adventures 
21st-Feb-2011 09:19 pm

So dig this, our friend Ian recently moved to Medford, MA and he also got a new cat, so a bunch of us decided to go down and visit him on Saturday. So once we saw the place and got acquainted with Finnegan we decided to walk to Davis Square in Somerville.

We visited a few shops in Davis Square, a couple of little kitsch stores that were pretty cool, and a comic store that had a crapload of old WWF Hasbro figures. It was awesome. From there we decided to go into Boston for dinner and drinks, so we hopped on the T and went to Government Center.

We wandered around Fanueil Hall for a bit looking at shops and deciding where to eat. One of the stores we looked at was this ridiculously overpriced shop that sold dresses, scarves, and jewelry. For instance, there was a rack of silk scarves that were 591 dollars a pop. Not a typo, five hundred ninety-one dollars PER SCARF. What the fuck?

We also stopped into Newbury Comics and a knife store before deciding it was supper time. I suggested eating in Quincy Market but was shot down because it's too hard to find seating. So we went to this place Ian liked called Durgin Square or something. The food was good, but not for the price we paid. $12.95 for the chicken tender platter that was 5 or 6 tenders, fries, and coleslaw, with honey mustard for dipping. Lame. For my tenders, Em's cheeseburger, the bowl of chowder we split and her soda was $35 plus tip.


After supper we walked to the Bell-in-Hand Tavern for drinks. This place was cool, I think we should have just gone there for supper. Oh well. Bell-in-Hand is supposedly the oldest alehouse in the country.

Then we took the T back to Davis, and walked in the blistering cold back to Medford. They played some game while I relaxed on the couch, and then we went home around midnight.

For the record, I'm always in favor of a random trip to Boston, I just wish it had been a little bit cheaper.

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