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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
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6th-Mar-2011 12:50 am
  • 09:34 I scored 7200 points playing #QRANK. Can you beat that? bit.ly/b8lZZu #
  • 10:01 Totally would have won that Porsche Boxster showcase. My bid was $67,000 bit.ly/akOBzg (via @GetGlue) #ThePriceIsRight #
  • 11:38 Fulfilling my pulled pork jones at the Roundabout Diner. Should be delicious #
  • 14:01 Using a directional grapple to superplex R-Truth through a table is what makes me love this new physics engine. bit.ly/dgAMJD #
  • 16:45 #FF @NWALSWrestling & @rundownpodcast, the podcast @notinthemiddle and I are trying to get off the ground. @411Wrestling, you guys want it? #
  • 17:35 The @g4tv App fights cyborgs so you don’t have to. Download it & enter for a chance to win $75 from Best Buy

    bit.ly/hwfKSi #
  • 17:53 @RoundaboutDiner My dad had one today and was surprised at how much food it was! Good stuff! #
  • 18:31 @SethMacFarlane Man, why'dja have to...I'd pretty much forgotten about Dan Cortese! #
  • 19:35 Just saw Brandy on a tv here at Kendall Pond. Does she have a tapeworm or something? Jesus. #
  • 22:16 @stephensonmc I doubt this Johnny Cash theme'll last that long, probably just til Mania. I prefer Graveyard Symphony, anyway. #
  • 22:17 @ForgottenBkmrks Get a Keurig, I got my parents one for their anniversary a few years ago and they love it, one cup at a time. #
  • 22:33 @CMPunk Induct him into Nexus... #
  • 22:35 I'm still waiting on my first batch of @getglue stickers, and I'm almost up to my second batch. What gives? #
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