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Rundown Episode 19: The Fifth Michael Keaton Down

Good evening, dear listeners,

This week on The Rundown we open with Malcolm’s Movie Reviews! Malcolm watched the new Steve Austin flick “Hunt to Kill” and “The Very Best of WCW Monday Nitro” and wants to share his opinions. Then it’s time for the ole tried and true Rundown Rewind! In TNA news the guys discuss the release of Desmond Wolfe, a couple comments from a Hulk Hogan interview, the idea of Hardcore Justice, and Double J’s newest title. In WWE news they talk about the ins and outs of trademarking, Sin Cara’s freshman troubles, Superstars’ new ring announcer, Zack Ryder getting snubbed in his hometown, Night of Champions, A-Ri’s former legal troubles, and then the guys wrap everything up with a look back at this season of Tough Enough.

Mentioned in this podcast (Not sponsors, we only dream about getting paid for this):
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Malcolm is forced to watch NXT and write about it for thewrestlingfan.com

Enjoy the episode!

Download: http://www.sendspace.com/file/q7pjs0
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