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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
Two Words: Yee Gods... 
29th-May-2002 12:05 pm
That's all there is to describe the absolute idiocy I found trying to call the Wheelocracy that is my former school.

On a side note, that's my word, I coined it: Wheelocracy - (n) Any group who is run by complete and utter morons.

Back to my story: I called Wheelock this morning to tell them that I got accepted to Emmanuel and that I would be dropping out of Wheelock. I didn't know the Registrar's Office's number, so I called the switchboard. The girl at the board connected me and I got the Office's voice mail. The Voice Mail message at the Registrar's Office was made by a woman with the elocution and speaking ability of Ahmed Johnson (90's WWF Fans, you know what I'm talking about, good ole Marble Mouth), but through the mush I deciphered the words, "We are currently on the phone or away from the desk, please leave a message after the tone." This is followed by some long garbled spiel about transcripts, then a pause, then the computer voice mail telling me to make a choice or I'll be disconnected, then the ENTIRE message AGAIN, then the computer says, "Goodbye." THERE WAS NO TONE. I'm going to repeat that, because I feel that it bears importance to my story, THERE WAS NO TONE!

So I call the switchboard back, I tell the lady who I am again and that the message says, "Leave a message after the tone," and there's no tone, and we had a chuckle about that. Then I asked her for the number to the Registrar so I could call them back directly later. She says, and I quote, "Well, I don't have the number, but I can give you the extension."

Let me explain the Wheelock phone system for those who don't know. Your number is 879-XXXX, XXXX being your extension. This applies to EVERY PHONE NUMBER ON CAMPUS!

And people wonder why I wanted so badly to get out of that school...

Yee Gods...
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