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Back to School...

Well here we are, the first of my rants, nothing much to say this time, just letting you know that I'm here. Actually, now that I think of it, there is something that I want to tell you about. College starts up for me again on Thursday, so I think I'll let you all in on the incessant ignorance that perpetuated my summer. Those of you that have gone to the About Me page have seen that I said Don't go to Wheelock, here's why: the Spring Semester, that's January to May 2001, a group of 11 to 15 Wheelock students, both male and female, were involved in or on a videotape based on the program Jackass, aired on MTV. This video tape was made purely for entertainment value, and no harm was done to anyone or anything on the tape. All the physical things were planned stunts, all the pranks were planned in advance to make sure that no damage could be done. This video was passed around to be viewed by friends and acquaintances, and eventually, someone with no sense of humor decided that our tape was inappropriate, and turned it over to Wheelock Faculty, mainly the most Feminist teacher on campus (no offense to any people reading this who may be Feminists, but I'm just presenting facts), and this teacher, who also has no sense of humor, decided that this tape was completely inappropriate and that she wanted all the males on the tape Expelled. Yes, Expelled. However, we were fought for, and just had our Housing Privileges Revoked. We fought this all Summer to no avail, and here we are. Now here's what makes this unbelievable, we were accused of Vandalism and Destruction of School Property, and also not living up to the expectations of Wheelock Students. We didn't Vandalize anything, we didn't destroy anything, and as for their expectations, that's all opinion. Plus, in the Student Handbook, there is no violation for which the first offense is Revocation of Housing Priviliges. The school is too much business and not enough common sense, and now I have to go back there for another nine months of bullshit. I am really not looking forward to this...
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