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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
Everybody loves Gay Cowboys! 
3rd-Jul-2002 11:37 pm
Right Sean?

Anyway...today's Post It, sent from the Home Office at Jesus Ranch, reads, "19 Days," "Phrase Frenzy," "Once a Week," "Yuck/Yum," Angle/Cena Taker/Jeff," "Stuntman," and "Charlie." Let us begin...

[-] The WWE has been really impressing me lately. RVD/Jericho at King of the Ring, RVD vs. Brock Lesnar at the following Raw, Kurt Angle vs. John Cena at SmackDown, and Undertaker/Jeff Hardy at the most recent Raw, four matches which I wasn't sure who the winner would be until the outcome. RVD vs. Jericho I commented on on my KOTR recap. RVD/Lesnar was a match I wasn't expecting to happen RIGHT after KOTR, but was a pleasant match. I wasn't sure whether to expect Lesnar's first pinfall loss on Raw, or a new Intercontinental Champion. Turns out, I got neither! I enjoy that, I enjoy being surprised with wrestling, it makes the shows that much more entertaining. Kurt Angle and John Cena put on an absolutely amazing match, again, though it was fully expected that this rookie was going to get his ass handed to him by the Olympic Champion, it turned out that Cena put on a show that rivaled the RVD/Jericho match at KOTR. Numerous counters, stunning near-falls, and an overall feeling of, "Shit, this kid could really do it," all added up to an awesome, awesome match. And finally, Undertaker vs. Jeff. You are not a true wrestling fan if your heart didn't start beating at least a little bit faster when Jeff had his hand on the title, even for that brief moment. Undertaker ultimately won the match, but it looked like Jeff could have taken it.

[-] You know I hate my job when I call out sick at least once a week. Problem is, I've been given two ultimatums that I'm not allowed to call in sick to Wal-Mart for the rest of the summer.

[-] Of course, the rest of the summer is only 19 more days. I only have to wake up for work 19 more times...NINETEEN. That rocks my fucking socks off.

[-] If you have a PS2, and you like driving games, do yourself a huge favor, lay out them fifty bucks, and get yourself Stuntman. It is the best game I have played in a long, long time. To synopsize: You're a fledgling Hollywood Stuntman doing movies and stunt shows to gain money and become a respected veteran. BUY IT NOW!

[-] Current ad that bothers me: The Arm & Hammer "Yuck/Yum" ad. THE KID DOESN'T EVEN DRINK THE MILK! It annoys me...that little bastard is LYING to us! At least give him a milk mustache or something to give it SOME sort of realism.

[-] Not on the list but I have a running debate with my mother, the ad on TV for Zoloft, my mother swears the sad little thing is a "Curling stone, or a Bean" I say it's a Rock, a plain old sad little rock. What do yall think?

[-] Game Show Network has interactive games on their website that aren't related to their TV shows. One is called Phrase Frenzy, and it's really cool. I got Sean hooked on it and now he whomps the piss out of everyone at it. Go play, it'll be worth your while.

[-] Finally, time for the Moron of the Moment. DJ, Leo, DJ's friend "Hammer" and I went to the Portsmouth fireworks tonight, and this old moron started to get pissed at us because we were standing in front of where he was sitting. He, and the ugly old lady he was with start yelling, "We've been here since an hour and a half before the show started so we could get good seats and so our kids could see!" For one thing, if they'd been there since 7:45 they could have gotten a seat on the damn grass in front of the road, and they could have seen perfectly, Moron point number one. THEN, and here's the kicker, the old guy stands up and says, "Charlie, hey Charlie!" then stands up and puts his hand ON MY SHOULDER and starts saying the same shit, with "Why don't you go stand somewhere else, huh?" tacked on to the end. Now I completely ignored him, cause he obviously wasn't talking to me, my name isn't Charlie. However, while he was talking, and while I was enjoying the fireworks, some thoughts came to mind:

1. Don't touch me.
2. It's a free show.
3. There are no tickets.
4. There are no assigned seats.
5. Don't TOUCH me.
6. Go fuck yourself.

[-] OK, one more thing, cause it just came to mind. Wimbledon. I don't give a SHIT about Wimbledon, yet NBC feels the need to interrupt MY Late Night Viewing to air a pointless 40-minute recap (Okay, so maybe it's only 15 minutes, BUT IT FEELS LIKE LONGER!) of the days events after the local news. Fuck y'all, gimme my Leno! Tennis...sheesh.

Happy 4th Everybody
4th-Jul-2002 09:33 am (UTC)
I thought Jeff could have the match won numerous times during it. I mean, I also talked to a few other people(like, three or four fans) and they were saying the same thing...

And when he got chokeslamed off the ladder, I knew it was over, and I was sad, even though it was the smart thing to do for the value of the title.

Game Show Network... site is?

Hi Charlie :-)

And Wimbleton does suck, except kournikova, and I can't even put myself through tennis to watch just her :-)
4th-Jul-2002 11:52 am (UTC) - Duh...
that would be GameShowNetwork.com. Duh
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