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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
15th-Jul-2002 10:46 pm

Yeah...I already told you once! ::Sigh:: Keep the chonge...

Let's do this thing, tonight's Post-It says, and I quote, "Moments," "Checks," "nWo," "Countdown," "EZE," "Soaps," "Magicard," "Talking Teddy," and "XX119."

Come on down, let's have some fun...

[-] In the weeks leading up to Dwayn-O Johnson's return to SmackDown they showed, "People's Moments." Ugh. Ugh, Ugh, Ugh, Ugh, Ugh, Ugh, Ugh. I didn't need a three-minute montage of his stupid songs. If I had wanted to throw up I would have eaten the stuff in the back back BAAACK of the fridge, OK? OK.

[-] The newest Sprint ad pisses me off. "It's a broken bear!" FUCK YOU! Stupid little girl. If I were her parents I would have locked her in the shed for being such a whiny little bitch. Another thing that makes me sick.

[-] How exactly stupid can soap operas get?? I swear, I'm watching NBC and I see an ad for one of their moron soaps that ends with the phrase, "Have aliens landed in ::town::?" And they show the "aliens", two acting school rejects who look like something you'd find on MST3K. Male and female, in gold lame suits with concentric silver semi-circles protruding from each shoulder. It had B-Movie leftovers written all over it. I would have laughed out loud except it was late at night and my parents were asleep.

[-] I only have to wake up for work 12 more times. I declare now, if any of you ever decide to get a job at Wal-Mart, may god have mercy on your soul. August 1st can not come soon enough.

[-] I finally got my checks a few days ago, and the first thing I did was order WWF checks. Yes, that's right, WW


. I emailed FanChecks and asked and they said that they'll be changing it soon, but they hadn't changed it yet. So I got the WWF Logo set, which is three WWF styles and a Raw is War style, and the WWF leather checkbook cover. Check 101 was the payment check, check 102 was the voided check. It was sweet.

[-] I went bowling on Friday night and scored a personal best of 119, in a game that included 2 strikes in a row. Not as good as Sean, but oh well, I'm proud of myself.

[-] I HATE the ad for the Orlando Magicard. That girl just irks me. "$500! That's like a Zillion!" Oh Shut Up! You are the most annoying child on television since that Welch's grape juice girl. And that's bad, folks.

[-] Eric Frickin' Bischoff...

[-] And finally, from the "As suddenly as they appeared they were gone" Department, the nWo. Tonight on Raw Vince makes a totally random-seeming announcement that the nWo era is over. Last week they were strong as ever, threatening Triple H, fighting in a match, on Bottom Line Coach mentioned the ultimatum made to The Game...now what, "The nWo Era is Over!" Somethin just ain't right...

I hope it's cool where you are, cause it's humid as ape fuck here...
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