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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
Trust No One 
16th-Jul-2002 11:01 pm
Holy shit, dude, my night was so crazy I have to give it its own Journal entry:

OK, right, here we go. I'm behind the register, talking to this lady about patio sets, and all of a sudden I hear the Forklift horn and Maryann SCREAMING at me! I run out onto the patio, alright, and she's yelling, "Call Management ASAP!" So I'm like, what the fuck, and I go back in and the lady's gone, and I call the management office, and there's no one there, then Maryann comes in with an armful of merchandise, and she's in a panic. I told her I called UPC (The management office) and no one's there and she says, "No, PAGE THEM!" so I gave her the phone and she paged management ASAP, and they came down. Turns out that that armful of merchandise was found outside the fence and was in the process of being stolen, by the lady I was talking to! Well she was gone, and we had a good $1500 worth of merch under the counter. It was TWO RCA digital camcorders, a John Wayne DVD 5-pack, and a black sling pack FULL of John Q DVDs, at least 20 DVDs. Well, there was one copy of Carnosaur, but that's beside the point.

That's part one of my harrowing night of hell.

Part two's not so bad, part two involves a lost money bag for the entire day at the Jewelry counter. That bag contained more money than I have ever had in my possession ever in my life. So Maryann saved Wal-Mart about $1500, which was subsequently lost.

Oh well...
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