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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
Mrs. Wilson...would you Stand Up Please? 
26th-Jul-2002 01:51 am
Mrs. Wilson has learned the first lesson of not being seen, not to stand up. However, she has chosen a rather obvious choice of cover


There, with that out of the way we move to the P.Diddy Post It Du Jour:

"Countdown," "Seven Cents," "Whammy," "Atlasphere," "Huey Lewis," "Away Messages," "Wizard Oil," and "XBox." Shall we? I believe we Shall:

[-] OK, another reason I wasn't made for retail. It is hard for me to smile at people I hate. For instance, this lady comes through my register with a plant that she was told she could get for half off. The plant cost $2.86. I rounded up to $3 and took half, $1.50. She looks at the display, looks at me and says, "That's not half, half would be...$1.43." I smiled as best I could and changed the price meanwhile screaming at this woman in my head, "IT'S SEVEN FUCKING CENTS! WOULD YOU LIKE THE NICKEL AND TWO PENNIES? I HAVE THEM IN MY POCKET!!!" I hate people...

[-] I was thinking about this the other day, and I would have wanted to be a fly on the wall at the meeting where they decided to make Atlasphere an event on American Gladiators. "OK, Bill says he has an idea for a new event, take it Bill." "OK, John, listen to this, alright. We take the contenders and two gladiators, put them in giant metal Hamster Balls, and have them roll around the arena floor trying to score in Saucers we'll call 'Scoring Pods' which will shoot a harmless Nitrogen plume into the air." "But what will we call it?" "I was thinking Hamster Ball-a-Rama!" "You're an idiot, Bill, sit down, yes, Tom?" "Well, the schematic there has lines on it like the lines on a globe, how about Atlasphere?" "Tom, I like it, you're fired." See the things I think of when I'm tired as hell? Entertaining, ain't it...

[-] I have too many Away Messages. This has never happened to me before. There's actually an additional popup menu in the Away Message menu. I've never had that happen.

[-] Kirby got an XBox, and may I say that the console deserves more credit than I've been willing to give it. Especially with the new Controller S. Smaller than the original XBox controller, which was horribly designed and klunky as fuck, the new controller is smaller and has the buttons better organized, so it's easier to use. Kirby, Kyle and I got LOST in Halo on Monday. We were playing and suddenly it was 5 O'Clock. It was fucked.

[-] Speaking of Kyle (Who none of you know, but it's my journal so nyah), he gave me a nice compliment the other day, he said, "I think you'd be a good gameshow host, you have that sarcastic wit and you're mean." Well, I thought it was a nice compliment...

[-] More ads that piss me off: The commercial for the Glade Scented Oil with the extra plug, where the kids want the milkshake and the lady wants to dry her hair. Whenever I see this ad one thing pops to mind, "UNPLUG THE DAMN AIR FRESHENER!" Jeezus, are you people that fucking stupid?!? "Hmm, let's see, which is better, dry hair, or a nice-smelling bathroom. Oh christ, the decision's so tough!" Sheesh...

[-] DJ got me Huey Lewis tickets for my birthday, the show's on August 7th at MeadowBrook Farms and I am psyched! This'll be my first concert of someone other than The Moody Blues. Plus, we get dinner! Score!

[-] Got great news today...I got the Whammy plate! Instead of WWF1 I will now be cruising the streets of the Seacoast in the Whammy-mobile. :)

[-] Finally, we'll end with the Countdown...


Until next time, LiveJournal Land...
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