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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
8th-Aug-2002 01:03 am
Oh My GOD! What an awesome concert! I don't remember the set list, but it doesn't matter, cause I had a BLAST!

The opening guy was great, his name is Joe D'urso, and his set was great, he's a good singer who I've never heard of before tonight.

Then out comes the man himself, Huey Lewis, and The News, of course. They opened with "The Heart of Rock and Roll" like they always do. They followed this by just rocking out for the next two and a half hours, with NO intermission. After two encores (comprised of 7 songs) it was 11:40 and time to leave. Huey was making fun of us before the second encore because we were asking him to blow out his voice in Gilford before going to Boston, where he's playing tomorrow, I assume.

Huey is hilarious, too, he would just let out this scream at points in the songs, which would promptly be returned by the crowd, and he would harass us for cheering so much and so often.

There were many times where he would just let the guitar player jam and he'd hang back with the saxes and trumpet and play his harmonica, which he really excels at.

DJ and I each bought a shirt, she got a T-Shirt that says, "We're not here for a long time" on the front and, "We're here for a good time - Huey Lewis and the News" on the back. That's a quote from a song of the same title. I got a polo shirt with a logo embroidered on the front. $45 for mine, $25 for hers.

I used to say that I loved Huey Lewis and The News, now I can say that I LOVE Huey Lewis and The News.

"Are you still with me?" You bet we are, Huey, you bet we are...
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