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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
With This Journal I Vow To You... 
15th-Sep-2002 04:19 am
1. There are no subliminal messages, all messages from the devil will be presented in plain, straightforward English.
2. No animals were harmed in the making of this Journal entry
3. The entertainment value will be marginal, there are no guarantees as to the comic quality of this journal entry.
4. There will be no refunds.
5. Read at your own risk.

Now that the warnings are out of the way, I present the topics for today's font of wisdom: "Cat," "Huxtable Zone," "Stoned," "CollegeFest," "Headset," "Emmanuel," and "WWE, Twenty-Four." Let's begin...

[-] Just before I left for Emmanuel I got a new cat. We had to put my first cat to sleep cause she was old. But this new cat is faxing (Remember my promise a few posts ago) hilarious! Apparently, from reports by my mother and DJ, the cat enjoys two things: Chinese Food and Alcohol. You read that right. According to my mom, my parents were eating Chinese food the other night, and the cat was getting in their faces. Dad offers some teriyaki beef thinking, "Oh, the cat will smell it and go away." To my parents' surprise the cat ATE the beef, and continued to try to get food from their plates. So they gave him a chicken wing, which he promptly finished. Now, on the other topic, apparently my father made drinks for my mother and himself, and set his drink down next to the couch on the table while he went to get the food in the kitchen. He comes back into the living room and the cat is DIPPING his paw INTO the glass, and licking his paw. Then again, and a few more times. My cat is insane.

[-] I got a new headset for my computer, it's got the microphone attached and everything, so now I can do PYLO on Yahoogroups and have sound. Whoo! That is, of course, if the game survives. I've had a distinct lack of contestants lately, so if that continues I might have to cancel the game. Which would be sad, wouldn't it...yes it would.

[-] I was watching The Cosby Show the other night, and I noticed something. If they're in the living room the door goes straight into the room, but if they're out on the sidewalk, THROUGH the front door, and they leave the door open, there's a WALL, with a nice little accent table, behind the Door! Where the hell did the wall come from?!? It just puzzled me.

[-] So far Emmanuel is very good. Classes are good, the food's alright, and the faculty and staff, here's the shocker, is just that much better than Wheelock's could ever be! I know, ain't that surprising?!? Anyway, my schedule ain't that bad, class at 11 or 11:30 every day but Friday (12:30), and on Tuesday and Friday I only have one class. God damn, though, my roommate, he's such an ass! Heh heh, I'm kidding, of course, right Nycholle?

[-] According to my good friend Joel Jordan, who tells me that the other night he damn near read my journal from cover to cover, apparently my Journal reads best when stoned. So, for that reason, this Journal entry is sponsored by Marijuana! Get high and read, kids!

[-] If you haven't been able to tell from my friends' page, I joined two Communities, WWE, which Sean is a member of, and Twenty-Four, which is all about the show of the same name. They're cool so far, and Sean's recap posts to WWE are some of the funniest reads you'll ever see.

[-] Finally, CollegeFest was yesterday, and I went with Sean and Nycholle. It was my first CollegeFest and it was pretty alright, Sean paid my way since he owed me money. So I got a lot of free stuff, for free! Whoo! Then I came home, slept for half an hour, ate dinner, and slept for another 9 hours. Which is why I'm awake at this time of the morning.

And I believe that that's all there is to say...Smoke Up, Kiddies! So long!
18th-Sep-2002 12:49 pm (UTC)
Today my comment Post-It says "Cosby" and "Sean" so here we go... First of all i luv the cosby show, but u TOTALLY lost me on that whole door thing. whatever man. i'll take ur word for it. second, what is this "right nycholle?" crapola?? i'm not gettin' in the middle of u two! '=oP i supply the ideas (ie- cold water), but i do not in any way encourage the actions (ie- dumbin' the water on a sleepin' roommate). I LUV YOU GUYS!!!!!!! yes adam... believe it or not... i luv sean too (for some weird, unknown reason) '=oP
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