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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
Don't be a jackass, read my shit... 
30th-Oct-2002 03:02 pm
I've been decorating, my side of the room is nice and home-y now, now that I no longer have a HUGE blank space over my bed...

On the outside of the closet wall is a jackass: the movie poster with the front side out (I'll explain that in a second).

On the little shelf created by the plugs I have my Fantazien clock, my 24 DVD set, my Carlin DVD set and my razor.

ttached to the front of that are Post-Its with What I Owe, What I Am Owed, DJ's cell phone number and the address of one of my day care kids at home.

Straight in front of me is my little CD Rack, with the Austin Bobblehead and George Carlin Calendar on top.

Above that on the wall is my Witch crew schedule, my class schedule, my jackass: the movie ticket collection (At 4, destined to grow), and my Crew contact list.

Just to the left over the TV is my "Fenway Park, The Chapel" poster.

Over my bed is another jackass: the movie poster with the back side out.

Then, on the two shelves is my Pin Art, my Red Sox hat, XFL football, second shelf is my two mini title belts, and hanging are my two gold medals.

And finally, the window shelf is my fan, change jar and a whole lot of other crap, and that's my decorated room!

Now, to clear up any confusion, the jackass poster is two-sided, the front side being the poster, and the back side being the poster in reverse. There, that's explained.

Also, one last thing, this is Post number 186, I've decided to stop doing the list-style posts because there was just too much space between them, and sometimes, by the time I got around to typing them up I'd forget what a couple of the topics meant.

Haven't done a real life update in a while, so here comes the list...

I am going to Raw on Monday with DJ and Kirby, no Sean, though, he said, "It's Raw, who cares?" So it'll just be us three. So far I have two signs, one that says, "This Is Wrestle-Crap!" with a turd (Drawn by Sean) and two Triple H logos, and then my other sign is one that Sean designed, which says, "Stacy, for a good phone-bone call 215-771-1711" which is Sean's cell phone number (Call him and say Moon Glorius).

SmackDown! Shut Your Mouth comes out on the 19th of November, which is 19 days, 8 hours, 57 minutes and 53 seconds away. No, I'm not obsessive.

People are harassing me about having seen jackass 4 times, including one girl in my education class who saw Titanic ten times and Lord of the Rings 12...Pot? I have Kettle on Line One.

Witch of Blackbird Pond is a good show theatrically, but technically, it's as boring as golf on television. We are prop handlers, and we do the little shits during intermission. Other than that the cast does all the scene shifts. I'll be sure to remember to bring my GBA back with me when I go home this weekend, so I'll have something to do the few shows I'm working.

Work is great, but the money sucks...oh well, it's what I get for waiting so long I guess.

I need to get some airhorns and go out back to the golf course over the summer

Note for the future, expect me to be depressed from the time that jackass gets pulled from the Fenway 13 until it comes out on DVD... those'll be some hard times...but I'll get through...

Emmanuel has blocked all file sharers, so I can't download ANYTHING...no songs, no movies, no nothin, unless it's off a website. What a pain in the ass! There are so many songs that I want to download. So if anyone out there wants to BE my file-sharer, hook a brother up!

'Net Percentages returns this Monday around 3:30...if you want to take part email LastChanceNet@aol.com and I'll put you on the mailing list

I think that's everything...I'll see you for post 187
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