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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
Yeah yeah, I know 
9th-Dec-2002 11:41 pm

>* Ever been so drunk you blacked out: Drunkest I've ever been was toasty (4 Wine Coolers, what can I say?)
>* Ever smoked a cigrette and or pot: Definitely not
>* Missed school because it was raining: Yes, but only cause they canceled school because of the rain
>* Put a body part on fire for amusement: Nope
>* Been hurt emotionally: Yup
>* Kept a secret from everyone: Yep
>* Wanted to hook up with a friend: Once upon a time, yes
>* Had a crush on a teacher: No
>* Ever thought an animated character was hot?: Mmmm, Pikachu...I mean, No! Never!
>* Been on stage: Yep, I was in the ensemble for Oliver! Freshman year of high school, I once hosted Whose Line is it Anyway in a church talent show, I do stage crew and I sing Karaoke, how's that?
>*cut your own hair: Shaved my head a couple times

>* Shampoo: I use Head and Shoulders
>* Colors: Greens, Blues, Grays
* Morning or Night: Night, Morning sucks ass
>* Summer or Winter: Summer, snow sucks more ass than morning!
>* Lace or satin: well satin is less binding in the...I mean, What the hell do I know?!?
>* Fave cartoon: Ed, Edd n Eddy
>* Fave Food: Chinese food!
>* Fave Movie: either Super Troopers or Jackass
>* Fave Ice Cream: Cherry Garcia
>* Fave Subject: math or chemistry
>* Fave 'normal' drink: Mountain Dew or Vanilla Coke
>* Fave persons to talk to online: Tom cause he's quite entertaining, even if not on purpose

>------------RIGHT NOW------------------
>* Wearing: sneakers, white socks, black pants, Y2J Barbed Wire shirt, watch, two Friendship Bracelets
>* Hair: bout a quarter of an inch
>* Eating: just finished a Hungry Man XXL
>* Drinking: just finished a Christmas Coke
>* Thinking about: Friday can't come quickly enough
>* Listening to: the new Colin Quinn show on Comedy Central
>* Talking 2: nobody

>----------IN THE LAST 24 HRS------------------
>* Cried: No
>* Worn a skirt: hope not
>* Met someone new: don't think so
>* Cleaned your room: nope, that was Thursday
>* Done laundry: nope, that was Saturday
>* Drove a car: nope, I was back here 24 hours ago

>---------------DO YOU BELIEVE IN------------------
>* Yourself: most of the time
>* Your friends: my close friends
>* Santa Claus: I may buy some presents, but I don't buy ALL the presents
>* Tooth Fairy: I wish my teeth still came out
>* Destiny/Fate: at times
>* Angels: I think I got at least one person lookin after me
>* Ghosts: I think so
>* UFO's: seen one! Not close up, of course, but seen one

>.----------------FRIENDS AND LIFE------------------
>* Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: Definitely, 2 years, 10 months and counting
>* Who have u known the longest of your friends?: of my current friends...probably Kirby, known him since he was in second grade, 7 years ago
>* Who's the weirdest: Kirby...hands down, he's a "special boy"
>* Who do you go to for advice: inner psychiatry before outer, I think
>* Who do you cry to?: see above, if I cry, it's usually alone (God that sounds depressing)
>* What is the best feeling in the world: Sitting down with people you care about and realizing just how much you have
>*Worst Feeling: loss
>*Who sent this 2 u: Nycholle's LJ
>* Would u like ur friends to do this and send it back: If they read it they can use it in their journals, sure
>* Future Career?: Elementary School Teacher
>* Best Thing Today?: Last Day of Classes...
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