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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
Book Buyback and other random stains 
11th-Dec-2002 12:19 pm
Now this just drives me nuts. You spend about twelve thousand dollars on books for a semester, sell them back to the bookstore and get 75 cents. I had three books that I bought for probably 5-8 bucks apiece and I got fifty cents for them. One I couldn't sell back cause they'd printed a new edition, and a couple I got a bit of money for, but I sold back about eight books and got $31.50. That averages out to less than four bucks a book! Man oh man, if I'd wanted to get screwed up the ass I would have gone to Lexington!

That money will help, though, as will the nice $75 check I got from Wheelock yesterday for working at the theatre, that'll buy those one or two last presents I need to pick up. I've shopped for everyone except DJ's stepdad and I need to get a couple more things for my mom and dad.

Dag nabbit, I wanted to pick up the Steve-O DVD since I got some extra cash, but I try to order it through his website (www.steveovideo.com) but when I click checkout it tells me that my shopping cart is empty, even though I added the DVD to it. Hrumph! [EDIT]I tried it again and it worked, so that DVD's on its way as well[/EDIT]

Speaking of DVDs, I bought CKY4 yesterday...it should be at my house in 5-7 days, yippee!!

So far Sean's gotten me the best Christmas present of all...well, he promised me it anyway, my Christmas present from Sean is a ticket to the Rumble...ahh, best roommate a guy could have. I also told him that he could get me a copy of the master tape of our jackass video, he said he'd look in to it. :)

Sad news, folks, jackass: the movie is no longer at the Fenway 13, my viewings capped off at six. That DVD needs to hurry the hell up!

I'm just full of DVD news today, the second season of Oz comes out on DVD in the beginning of January, I'll have to pick that up. I've been waiting for this since I watched the last ep of the first season back spring semester last year, it's SUCH a cliffhanger and it's been driving me crazy!

Tomorrow's my last day at Bright Horizons until next semester. Kinda sad, but kinda not, since I know I'll be going back in January. I love those kids, and not in the way Mike did, if ya catch my drift.

'Net Percentages is going well, we just finished the first round of the third game. If you want to get in on the action email LastChanceNet@aol.com and I'll hook you up, the second round starts tonight.

God, I can't wait to go home on Friday, being home means that I'll be able to go bowling on a regular basis. Bowling kicks ass, don't let anybody tell you different, and the more I do it the better I get (duh), my highest score is 131, nowhere near Sean, but good for me!

You know what else is good about home? Game Show Network...

I want to commend Henry Winkler for putting together "Game Show Week" on Hollywood Squares, it's definitely the best assembly of game show talent, well, except for that red haired chick and Martin Mull, I mean, ooh, she'll be on Celebrity The Mole, whoot, ANYWAY, it's good to see Jim Lange, Wink Martindale, Brett Somers and Charles Nelson Reilly, and Peter Marshall again. Now if only they could have gotten Tom Kennedy or if only Bill Cullen or Bert Convy weren't dead. Oh well...

I just now saw the best ad on Fox Sports Net, it's three guys standing at the Bus Stop with umbrellas, cause it's slightly raining, and this other guy comes along, but he's got a downpour focused on him. Turns out he's wearing a Phoenix Suns shirt, and he's just getting clobbered by this deluge, then the caption comes on screen and it says, "God is a Celtics Fan" I love it!

I was bored last night walking to and from the bank, so I compiled a list of What If's:

What if we were all Midgets and Yao Ming was normal size?

What if Cigarettes built strong bodies and Milk gave you cancer?

What if everything disappeared when you closed your eyes?

What if Bill Cosby was the best doctor in the world?

What if the dinosaurs didn't die out?

What if the safest mode of transportation was being strapped to the roof of a car going 100 MPH?

What if saliva caused some incurable disease?

Maybe I just have too much time on my hands, I don't know...
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