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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
Coupla Thoughts 
19th-Dec-2002 01:14 am
6 days till Christmas, folks, make sure you get that shopping and wrapping done! Unless you're Jewish, or somethin'

A man much wiser than I once said, "True friendship is when silence between two people is comfortable." How true is that? I thought of this this afternoon at Kirby's house. The fact that I can have a good time at his house doing nothing at ALL just proves the point. We didn't do ANYTHING this afternoon, I lied on his bed and watched TV and he played on the computer. We played Pocket Tanks, like, ONCE.

Speaking of Kirby and Pocket Tanks, he's gotten me addicted to that game. You should go download it! Just click over to PocketTanks.com and download it! It's free!

Whaaaaat else. As the day draws nearer I get less and less confident that I'm getting a digital camera for Christmas...Uncle kind of made it sound like he was going to get me one...but I'm reconsidering. You have to remember that I give my family too much credit on these sort of things, I WAS the person, after all, who was SURE that two summers ago my dad actually BOUGHT me a PT Cruiser and that the whole "rental" thing was all a scam...

I've had my shopping done for a few days now, if I remember correctly, I bought my last present on Sunday (It totally feels like I've been home for more than a week, when it's only been since Friday, 6 days). Tomorrow I try to finish my wrapping...let's see if I can actually accomplish this feat without getting massive papercuts, adhesive fingers, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Damnit, ESPN edited the hell out of the PTI replay cause the football game ran long, they skipped from Headlines right to the Happy Happies...damnit...

Kirby got a new screen name in honor of Mike Vallely, who's the biggest bad ass any one of us would ever want to meet. Don't know who he is? Pick up a copy of CKY3 and watch him beat the crap out of four guys for calling him a "Skater Fag" or get CKY4 and watch him mess with the head of the landscaper of a parking lot.

One month until the Rumble!

New Years is coming, and with that comes "The Year in Journalage" a retrospective of quotes from my 2002 journal entries. I know, it sounds boring, hell, it probably will be, but give it a read anyway...like you have anything better to do if you're reading this in the first place.

I have two cats in my house. One ways, like, 20 pounds, the other, a pound and a half. One is scared of the other, if you were to guess that the 1.5 pound cat, Cleo, is scared of the 20 pound cat, Buster, you'd be...DEAD WRONG. I can't explain it, but it's funny as hell to watch.

Last night for dinner I ate at Taipei and Tokyo, a Chinese/Japanese Restaurant. For lunch today I had french bread pizza, but after I picked Kirby up from school he wanted to go eat so we went to the Portsmouth Super Buffet, also chinese food. For dinner tonight Bobby, Kirby's stepdad, had us take out food from...Taipei and Tokyo! I, the huge chinese food fan that I am, was in Heaven! It was great! What was greater was that I didn't have to pay for any of it!

Kirby's debt is down to $64. That little sumbitch...

Can I just say that I hate the most recent JCPenney commercial with the wife and husband. I'm talking about the one where the wife says, "Honey, do I have anything on my neck?" and the husband says, "No." then she points to her ears and says, "How about here?" and the husband shakes his head. Then, in the extended version, the husband is trying to play solitaire and the wife walks by and the husband asks, "Hey, where are all the diamonds?" and the wife sarcastically replies, "Yeah, where ARE all the diamonds?" Hate that ad.

Got nothing to do from now until Around the Horn comes on at 2:30, so I guess I'll go play Pocket Tanks!
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