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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
If any of you ever feel the need to buy me a car... 
23rd-Dec-2002 01:55 am

Model Chosen

Package Selected
> K Package

Options Configured
> Four-Speed Automatic Transaxle
> Heated Driver and Front-Passenger Seats
> Low-Speed Traction Control
> Four-Wheel Disc Antilock Brakes
> Roof Rack
> Engine Block Heater
> Woodgrain Exterior Accents

Accessories Added
> 001 X Smoke
> 001 X 4-door, Tinted
> 001 X Step Pad, Rear Bumper, Black Textured
> 001 X Fog Lights, matches original equipment style, includes wiring, switch and lights, same as OE
> 001 X Black, stainless steel w/vinyl laminate, set of 4
> 001 X Patriot Blue (WB7)
> 001 X Foldable, blocks UV sun rays and heat, w/PT Cruiser logo
> 001 X Black, rear, w/PT Cruiser logo
> 001 X Chrome Exhaust Tip, Steel
> 001 X Scratch Guards, Door Handle/Hatch Handle
> 001 X Chrome Door Spears, Set of 4 (front and rear doors)
> 001 X Stainless steel w/illuminated PT Cruiser logo, set of 2
> 001 X Front/Rear (complete kit), Dark Slate, w/Patriot Blue logo, 24 oz, Premium Carpet, w/stitched edge
> 001 X Production Chrome Accent Grille, Bright Silver
> 001 X 1-piece wheel lock kit, set includes 4 chrome-plated locking nuts, one exclusive Mopar key and a lug wrench key holder

Colors Picked
> Paint Procedure: Monotone Paint
> Primary Paint: Patriot Blue Pearl Coat Exterior Paint
> Interior Trim: Dark Slate Gray Seating
> Seats: Leather-Trimmed Low-Back Bucket Seats

And the Price...

Pricing Information
Base Price: 20,890.00
K Package: 0.00
Options: 2,950.00
Color: 0.00
Destination: 590.00

MSRP: $24,430.00
Accessories: 1,501.00

Sub Total*: $25,931.00

Only $26K!
23rd-Dec-2002 10:41 pm (UTC) - damn!
i think it's sad that a car that will last years and years and years and years costs about the same as one year of skewl! that bothers me. not that the car should be more, but skewl should be less. maybe i should quit skewl now and use the $ for my two semesters that r left to buy a firebird!!!
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