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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
Good News and Bad... 
25th-Dec-2002 10:42 pm
For Christmas I got:

Games: Red Sox Monopoly, Simpsons Chess, Cranium, Quiddler, PS2 Memory Cards

Clothes: L. L. Bean Sweatshirt, Bam Margera T-Shirt

DVDs: Monster's Inc., Shawshank Redemption, Ice Age

Sports Related: Nomar Bobblehead, Jakks WWE RVD/Hardcore Holly 2-pack

Python: Monty Python calendar, Monty Python Encyclopedia

Food: White Hot Chocolate Mix, Apple Crisp Mix

Cruiser: Patriot Blue (Pull Back and Go), Special Edition with Monopoly Token, Christmas Ornament

Other: Pen Keychain, Skating Marshmallow ornament, stone gecko, alien head antenna topper, Far Side desk calendar, The Ultimate Jukebox Hits of the 80's (4-disc set), 140 CD Rack, and...

A Digital Camera! Whoot whoot!

I didn't make out too badly, but I didn't get some things I really wanted, like the new Mortal Kombat, or any other video game for that matter...

For Christmas Eve, however, I got my grades from Emmanuel...

Religion: Search for Meaning - F (No surprise)
United States History to 1877 - C (Expected at least a B-, but whatever)
Life on Earth - D+ (Expected a C or better)
Curriculum Development - B- (Basically what I expected)

And I forgot to go to the Sophomore Career Planning Seminar, so I got an F for that...

My GPA is a 1.50, which is in between a D+ and a C-...the problem is, I'm now on Academic Probation because I didn't score above 2.00. This means that if I don't pull my GPA above 2.00 by the end of next semester I'm OUT. Gone, kicked out of Emmanuel. My mother told me bluntly, albeit understandingly, that if I get kicked out of Emmanuel that's it for me, they won't pay for another school.

That scares me. It really does, I am so nervous because if I don't get a degree what am I going to do? Work at a child care center for nine bucks an hour? Definitely can't even eke out a living that way...

Scared Straight? Damn straight!
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