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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
What a day... 
9th-Jan-2003 02:21 am
What a god-damned day.

Here was my itinerary for Wednesday:

12:00 N - Awake, shower.
12:30 PM - Eat lunch, watch TV
2:00 PM - Drive to PHS, give Kirby a ride home
Between 7 and 8:00 PM - Leave Kirby's
9:00 PM - Pick up DJ to go to the movies

Here's what happened:

Everything went according to plans until we got to Kirby's house. Bobby was soon to arrive home, so my afternoon went a bit like this:

3:15 - Drive Andrew and Raffi home
3:45 - Make trip to Strawberries, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, Toys R Us and FYE.
5:45 - Head for home
5:45 - Cut a corner in Pease too closely due to snowbank and blow the seal on my right front tire.
5:48 - Pull over after realizing tire is now deflated.
5:49 - Try reaching Dad to no avail
5:50 - Call DJ and tell her where I am and that my cell phone battery is almost dead.
5:52 - Call AAA, give information, have phone battery die during the call
5:57 - DJ arrives, call AAA back, finish giving them info and be told that a truck should be there in "45 minutes or less"
6:43 - Call AAA again to ask about whereabouts of truck, after being on hold for ten minutes be asked what guard shack the driver should come through, explain that Pease is now open to the public, be told that a truck should be there "any minute now"
7:25 - Call AAA again, after being on hold for two minutes be told that the first truck got called to a Police Department stop, and that another truck had to be sent, it will be there in "about 30 minutes"
7:50 - Truck arrives
7:55 - Tire is replaced
7:56 - Battery dies, get jump from tow-truck guy
7:57 - Drive home
9:00 - Leave for movie.

TWO HOURS I waited! A couple things brightened my day, though. For one, I saw something I never thought existed, a Hearse with Temp Plates.

Then, the movie was really good, DJ and I saw "Catch me if you Can" and, though I really will never forgive Leonardo DiCaprio for Titanic, it was a good movie.hopefully it wins something.

Not, I gotta get up at 10 to call DynaTune and see if they can do anything with my tire, and if they can't I'll have to call other places. What a pain in my ass. Blarg...

In other news, though, RatCat is snoring...
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