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  • Sat, 09:58: I'm helping, are you? https://t.co/iInFAnMxpS
  • Sat, 12:46: RT @kumailn: Was at a bar last night with @Middleditch. At the end of the night, 2 white dudes, 20's, who'd been there for hours came up to…
  • Sat, 12:46: RT @kumailn: "We're big fans of you guys. (To Thomas) I trolled you on twitter yesterday." He goes on to say how we're wrong about Trump.
  • Sat, 12:46: RT @kumailn: I go "Hey we don't wanna discuss politics right now." His friends goes "oh they're cucks." Then starts yelling at us. "CUCKS C…
  • Sat, 12:46: RT @kumailn: He starts getting in my face. Thomas puts his hand on the dude's chest to stop him. "Don't touch me you cuck. Wanna go outside…
  • Sat, 12:46: RT @kumailn: At this point, the bouncer runs over, grabs them, kicks them out. The bartender is awesome & apologetic. Thomas & I are stunne…
  • Sat, 12:46: RT @kumailn: This happened at a bar in LA surrounded by ppl. I can't imagine what it must be like to be someone who looks like me in other…
  • Sat, 12:46: RT @kumailn: We can't let hate/racism/bigotry/sexism be normalized. If something happens, be safe, but let it be known we won't stand for t…
  • Sat, 12:46: RT @kumailn: Many ppl are like "just cuz I voted for Trump doesn't mean I'm racist/sexist." Ok, but at best, you ignored it, you overlooked…
  • Sat, 12:46: RT @kumailn: We thought Internet would give us access to ppl w different points of view. Instead it gives us access to many ppl w the same…
  • Sat, 12:48: Read that series of tweets I just RTed, read what happened to @kumailn and @Middleditch, and tell me the next four years will be different.
  • Sat, 12:49: By electing that man to the highest office in the land we have mobilized and empowered the worst of us.
  • Sat, 12:50: Empowered and given credence to those who voted for him BECAUSE of his racist, misogynist, xenophobic statements.
  • Sat, 12:51: We have validated all those who agreed that anyone who is different, in skin tone or belief system, is a terrorist or is less of a person.
  • Sat, 12:53: It disgusts me. And the worst part? He didn't even win the popular vote. Our system is so broken that he lost, but he still gets to win.
  • Sat, 12:54: I don't care if it was all a show to get votes. He still said those things, and he was vindicated by being elected.
  • Sat, 12:54: Do you have any idea how it looks to the rest of the world that we are now preparing to inaugurate a president who was endorsed by the KKK?
  • Sat, 12:55: It makes me sick.
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