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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
My Letter from The Disembodied Voice 
27th-Jan-2003 06:13 pm
I sent this letter to AroundtheHorn@espn.com the other day:

From: ASalzer105@aol.com [mailto:ASalzer105@aol.com]
Sent: Friday, January 24, 2003 5:30 PM
To: aroundthehorn@espn.com
Subject: A couple of questions

The first word? Format...Why did you guys change the format so much over the break? This new format is entertaining, but I still like the old one better, ya know, the one where all the guys stayed around (THE HOOORN!) for the entire show! I do like some of the new rounds, like Buy or Sell, but I still prefer the old format.

Next Topic! Do you guys do the show live at 5:00 (Eastern, of course)?

Finally, These Four Things I KNOW are true! I see it for Celebrity Boxing 3, Woody Paige vs. Max Kellerman, special referee? Why the Disembodied Voice, of course! Around the Horn and PTI is the best hour of sports television on television. Though Bob Ryan is my local boy, Woody Paige is by far the most entertaining panelist and I'm Adam Salzer, and I'll keep sticking around the horn!

PS: Woody Paige told me that the "Disemboweled Voice" is a Cardinals fan in an email he sent me...is that true?

Adam Salzer
AIM: StolenPopemobile

I got this letter in my email today :) :

Hi Adam-

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, we 'tweaked' over the holiday break. Here's the thing: We feel like we constantly need to be making the show better, and the tweaks were part of that effort. It's a fine line between trying to evolve and letting things catch on. We do hope you'll stick with the things we're trying. If one thing's sure, it's that nothing in TV is permanent!

Next topic! We tape the show in the afternoon and do NOT do it live at five (you asked, so I had to tell you honestly!). It would simply be too difficult with all of the technology (the fiber optic connections and the scoring) to do it live, too risky. So we're an hour or so behind "live," but if we miss stories, we re-tape to make the show as fresh as we can.

I love the idea of Max/Woody for Celeb Boxing, and your choice for ref is perfect. I say this because I am, in fact, the Disemboweled Voice, and, yes, I am a huge Cardinal (and Blues and Mizzou and SLU Billikens) fan.

Thanks again for checking in. Guys like you, who love sports and love the argument, are why we come in here every day trying to make this show great. If you'll keep watching, we'll keep working on it.

Keep in touch.

Your Friends at Around the Horn!
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