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What a good, damn coincidence!

Tonight I decided, after futilely digging around in the living room looking for SimTower, to log back on here on the POS home computer. All of a sudden, out of the blue, who IMs me but two of my old E-Wrestling buddies who I had thought were long gone. Solar, who was presiding over the FSW when he just up and disappeared April of last year (Turns out it was a computer virus he didn't know he had) and Vlad, who was a friend of Solar's. I call it an odd coincidence because had I not decided to log on, they never would have contacted me, since they didn't know about Popemobile, and I only use STM on the rare occasion that I leave Pope on on another computer, like now or computer class.

I'm really happy they decided to get back in touch...
Tags: friends, video games
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