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The Top Ten Biggest Disappointments in the WWF (A LegendarySac Collaboration)

10. Mean Street Posse - Built up as Shane McMahon's Street Tough friends, they were brought in as Shane McMahon's ring rat friends, lackies, if you will, used to get McMahon victories. After they parted ways they became shallow fodder for Crash Holly's 24/7 Hardcore Title rule.

9. Big Show as WWF Champion - Put in the WWF Title match at the last minute after Austin got hit by a car (more on that later) Big Show won the title, and defended it against...No, I can't remember either...

8. Terri's Baby - Who was the father, Val Venis or Dustin Runnels? She had been sleeping with Val, but he had had a vasectomy, being a former porn star, and Dustin had sworn her off. So who's baby was it? No one's, she wasn't pregnant at all, she just wanted to see who would be stupid enough to care, uhh, I mean, who loved her...

7. Dustin "God" Runnels - "HE IS COMING," these were the signs Dustin Runnels carried around events for weeks, but who was he talking about? They seemed to be religious, as Dustin was a card-carrying member of EATME, the Evangelists Against Televisions, Movies and Entertainment, but then, all of a sudden, it was time! Here HE Comes, Here it is, it's, It's...Goldust??? Uhhh, yeah...

6. Who Ran Over Austin - It took over a year, and some fine detective work by Mick Foley to tell us who indeed ran over Stone Cold Steve Austin at the 1999 Survivor Series, all evidence pointed to the Rock, it was his car, he had the most to gain, but who was it really, it was...it was! It was...Rikishi... And why did Rikishi run over Austin? He did it for the Island Boys, cause they'd all been held down in the WWF, except, of course, for The Rock and Yokozuna...it made a LITTLE BIT more sense when he put Triple H as the Mastermind, but still, Rikishi???

5. Invasion (WCW vs. WCW) - It was big, it was the Biggest Coup in the History of professional wrestling, the World Wrestling Federation Chairman, Vincent K. McMahon purchased rival World Championship Wrestling from "Billionaire Ted" Turner, but wait, Shane signed the contract before Vince did, there was a family war here! This was good so far, and then, the night came, the Ultimate Night in the History of wrestling, WCW was to make its Raw is War debut, and here they come, Arn Anderson and Scott Hudson are your announcers, Nick Patrick is your referee, Stacy "Legs to her Eggs" Keibler is your Ring Announcer. Your history-making match is Booker T vs. Buff Bagwell for the WCW Title, and here they come, and the crowd is asleep...Nobody cared! There was no buildup to the match itself, and none of the fans cared, well, not like the wrestlers wanted, they were actually chanting "This Match Sucks," so you see what the problem was, the two combatants were showing a bit of rust fighting in the different dimensions of the WWF ring, and it was just a sorry match...

4. Mae's Baby - Two Words, A Hand, One Sentence - A ninety-year-old woman gets pregnant. I think that's enough about that

3. Fake Diesel and Razor - Jim Ross hyped us for weeks that he was bringing back Razor Ramon and Diesel, after Scott Hall and Kevin Nash had defected to WCW for the cashola of it all. Jim Ross promoed us for weeks that he Had Razor and Diesel under contract, and what does he bring out? Two guys who nobody knew, one of which would go on to become Kane, the other, who knows where he is now. It was a huge letdown, and, as I mentioned in an earlier Top Ten List, evil JR hit the shelf one more time.

2. Higher Power - Yes, THE Higher Power, Undertaker had told us that he was doing all his evil deeds for someone else, under the tutelage of someone else, a Higher Power, and the Higher Power had instructed him to rid the WWF of Stone Cold Steve Austin, we also learned that this Higher Power was someone from Austin's past. We were left guessing as to who it was one week after Austin was "caught" and was able to get a glimpse of the Power's face. But who was it, rumors abounded that it would be Ted DiBiase, the former manager of the former Ringmaster. Then, the next week on Raw, the Higher Power was to be revealed, who would it be? Who else could it be but Ted...VINCE McMAHON??? After weeks of standing by Austin's side, HE was the Higher Power...and it was all in the name of Business...yeah

1. Gobbledy Gooker - Well, let's see, leading up to Survivor Series 1990 there was a Giant Egg, and inside this egg was...a mystery, to paraphrase Mean Gene at the Survivor Series, was it a dinosaur, was it the playmate of the month?? No, it was a giant douchebag in a Turkey costume. A turkey indeed, he strutted, rolled, danced, and got Booed by nearly the entire arena. I saw one boy cheering, and I'm assuming it was the only person cheering in the entire building. It was sad, sad, sad, and THAT'S why it's Number One on this list.
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