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I urge...no, I DEMAND that if you're ever looking for a good night of entertainment, and you can stand excessive use of the F word, and he's in your area...go see Stephen Lynch! Tonight was a BLAST! He sang most of my favorites, unfortunately he didn't sing Almighty Malachi (though understandable when some dinguses were yelling for it after every song for the first five songs) or Gerbil or even Dr. Stephen, but he did do a lot, including Talk to Me, Superhero, Special, Gay, and Priest...FUCKIN PRIEST!!!

Stupid me, however, forgot to bring the CD Booklets, so I didn't wait around for him at the merch table.

I took a few pictures, if'n you wanna see 'em IM me and I'll direct connect 'em to you.

He took one of my suggestions during Superhero, I yelled out "Tourette's Boy." Other suggestions were "One Nut Wonder," "SARS Boy," "Clit Bandit," and "Justice Guy" yes, someone actually SUGGESTED Justice Guy. Sheldon, I didn't see you, though I was kinda too preoccupied laughing my ass off to look for you.

Sean got hit with his guitar pick after the first song, so that was pretty cool.

I had to remind him that the cereal with the leprechaun is Lucky Charms, not Froot Loops...

And Mark Teich rules all...

OH! Forgot to mention when I first wrote this that all night he kept saying that Paradise looked like a Gay Porn Theatre, what with all the hanging lights and the disco ball...it was great...
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