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If there is one thing that is a plus of not living on Campus at Wheelock this year it's that I get to watch more TV. The cable system at Wheelock carries 27 channels, here in my uncle's basement I get about 80, so I get to watch The Game Show Network and TV Land and Food Network. We don't get Food Network at my house, so now I get to watch things like Iron Chef and Emeril, and I must say, Iron Chef is rather entertaining. Who'd have known you could do so much with a Duck! Also, the good thing about getting the Game Show Network is they've recently started showing Press Your Luck, which is awesome. I used to watch that show EVERY day after school on the USA network. I loved that show, and once it went off USA I could Never remember the name of it. Well, sometime in April I remembered the name, and started looking up websites for it. And then, I heard that they were going to start showing it on GSN the day I moved in. I was rather happy...

No Whammies, yall, catch ya soon
Tags: food network, game show network, press your luck, tv, wheelock
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