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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
The Update 
1st-Jul-2003 12:05 am
I'm gonna LJ-cut this, cause not all of my friends care about my personal life, here goes nothin...

First, the letter that I found taped to my door last night when I got home from bowling:

Hey. Right now I don't know what to say. I've been doing a lot of thinking, And I mean alot! And the same thing is being held true. Before we have sex your all nice and sweet because you want to get laid. But after you are such an asshole. Espically last night. There was no reason for you to fucken push me that hard I'm so mad it's not even funny. And then your like I don't want to go shopping no but yesterday you didn't object. I just can't deal with you anymore. maybe you should think about being less self centered. OH I forgot you like being an asshole. Well you've done it to the wrong person. Bye!"

Super, eh? Please allow me to form a rebuttal.

"your all nice and sweet because you want to get laid. But after you are such an asshole"

Uhhh...ok? I have no idea how to respond to this...

"There was no reason for you to fucken push me that hard"

OK, for one thing, it was 2:00 in the morning, I was coming to bed and she had my pillow...I was fuckin tired, so I really don't think I pushed her that hard, I moved her over so I could get my pillow back and go to bed.

"but yesterday you didn't object"

That's because Saturday I didn't have anything to do...Sunday I had to come back home, eat lunch, write my HWF matches, then my parents got home and we went shopping, I ate dinner and went bowling...

"OH I forgot you like being an asshole"

What the fuck...

So I come home from bowling, I see the note on the door, I put down my bowling ball, open it up, take my class ring out from inside the note, put it back on, and read the note. I roll my eyes, firstly, and then I go inside, do my stuff, Mom says she called, so I tried to call her house, but got her answering machine, so I went out with Kirby like I'd planned anyway. We're heading towards Liz' when my phone rings, and it's DJ. She asks if I got the note, and I say yes, she says something else, I forget, and then we hang up. Two minutes later she calls and asks, "You realize we're through, right?" I say, "Yeah." in my head thinking, 'What the fuck, you called me an asshole, and gave me my ring back, I'm not a retard.' She says, "You don't have a problem with that?" and we go through a whole bunch of other crap that I didn't really listen hard enough to remember.

We get to Liz' we pick her up, and go around to Wal-Mart, among other places and we end up at the Little League field, they're kicking the soccer ball around, I'm making sure I don't run out of gas, and my phone rings AGAIN! This time it's Leo, apparently she's spread the story around to make me look like a domestic abuser, and we chat, he tells me I'm lucky he's not kicking my ass. I say "OK" trying to sound as bored as possible, so I could get the point across that I really don't care, and we hang up. Not fifteen seconds later my phone rings AGAIN!! I pick up, and here's the conversation:

Me: Hello?
Voice: Hello, this is Julie Hammer.
Me: Hello, Julie.
Julie: Listen, if you EVER

Fuck Julie Hammer.

I'll listen to DJ, I'll listen to Leo, because I respect DJ and Leo...Julie Hammer can suck my balls. Fuck her and her schizophrenic bipolar bullshit nonsense!

This time there ain't gonna be any Emo sessions, there ain't gonna be any crying on the telephone...fuck it, I'm done with women, if you have a vagina and breasts that's proof of guilt!

In other news: Haribo Gold-Bears are the foodstuffs of the Gods
30th-Jun-2003 09:31 pm (UTC)
*covers vagina and breasts*
30th-Jun-2003 11:00 pm (UTC)
Best change your icon then :-P

heh heh
1st-Jul-2003 04:57 am (UTC)
Fuck that shit, yo!
Enails rule and Julie Hammer sucks...it's as simple as that!
1st-Jul-2003 05:19 am (UTC) - Wowie
Yaye! Someone else to jump on hte bandwagon of "Women=baggage!" LOL, me and a friend of mine totally agree that they only cause problems. -.-; It's true, its true...

Sorry to hear about that bullshit.
2nd-Jul-2003 04:51 am (UTC) - Re: Wowie
You are absolutely right...we are nothing but problems :-/
2nd-Jul-2003 06:01 pm (UTC) - Re: Wowie
You especially...with your evil powers! :-P
3rd-Jul-2003 04:59 am (UTC) - Re: Wowie
lol...that wasn't MY fault!
3rd-Jul-2003 05:37 pm (UTC) - Re: Wowie
Oh don't back out now! The Breadstick Incident was ALL your fault!
3rd-Jul-2003 06:42 pm (UTC) - Re: Wowie
okay, I admit it....it was my fault :-D
4th-Jul-2003 05:14 pm (UTC) - Re: Wowie
THANK you! :-P
3rd-Jul-2003 04:49 pm (UTC) - Re: Wowie
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