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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
Two days worth of stuff... 
18th-Aug-2003 12:06 am
As I was typing this I didn't realize how long it was, so I LJ-Cut it for you...

Yesterday ROCKED...I LOVE Thunderstorms so much. I was at work and I was sorting the budget VHS tapes (I know, I know...V...HS?!?) and I looked out the window and the sky was just GREY, and I was so happy, cause I knew what was coming. All of a sudden the sky just OPENS and it starts downpouring. I step just outside the door to watch (Yes, I OKed it with Vicki first) and just watched the lightning all around. Had a couple direct hits that made me wish I had my camera, and then it happened, the power went out in the store for about 7 or 8 seconds. This freaked Vicki out cause she couldn't get the registers to work again, but she called someone and figured it out.

Goddamn, I love thunderstorms!

THEN, at the end of the night the fire alarms go off! Now we've got no idea what to do, cause we've never had a Strawberries Fire Drill...so we were just standing on the sidewalk, and we had such a moment of zen...

I'm standing on the sidewalk, Vicki is standing on the sidewalk, the two girls who'd walked into the store right as the alarms went off were standing on the sidewalk. These three guys walk up, walk right past Vicky and I and TRY THE DOOR. Now is when I note that when we left we locked the door, but left all the lights on, including the neon "OPEN" sign. Dipshit number one turns to me and goes, "...You guys closed?" I explain what fire alarms are, meanwhile thinking, "Dude...see the flashing lights? Hear the loud buzzers? Are you that fucking stupid?!?!?" Apparently, the answer is yes.

AND I got my car back!

But that's not all that happened...I woke up at 10:30 and got Liz and we just went around, picked up Mulan cause Liz NEEEEEEEEDS IT! Overheated the radiator in Pease...got bitched at by my father for "overexerting" my car...whatever...

But anyway...picked up Josh and took 'em all to Kirby's house, went home after that, showered, went back to Kirb's, then went to work, enjoyed the thunderstorm and the morons, came back, ate dinner, and then found out that I would get the chance to drive to Barrington! I'd never been to Barrington before, but I had to take Kirby to Chris' house for Halo, so we did that, took Josh along, and dropped Liz off beforehand so she wouldn't get raped.

So, Josh and I came back from Barrington, cleaned the kitchen, had brownies, and then I pwned him in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, which, no matter what Liz or Kirby say, is a good game! Damnit! Then we went to bed, I slept on the couch and gave Josh Kirby's bed, cause he needed the alarm clock so he could get up for work. So I slept, rather uncomfortably, on the couch for a few hours until the two boys (Kirby and Chris) showed up, we hung out in the living room watching NickGAS for about an hour, until Chris went to bed at 6. So now I'm on the couch, Kirby's on the loveseat, Chris is in "my" bed in the Nanny room and Josh is in Kirby's bed...nice...

Josh was up at 7:30, and I was up shortly after to drive him to work. When I got back I found a nice surprise, Kirby had folded out the couch-bed, which was surprisingly comfortable...for a couch-bed...so I slept until 1, when I had to get up so we could get Josh at work and Liz at her house, then we all came back here, I went home, showered, and grabbed my bowling ball and came back here to just hang out.

I bowled pretty well tonight, 122, 122, 126, nice and consistent, not only that but my vacancy of a teammate beat its opponent, who prebowled and did shitty, all three times! Awesomes, I took 8 points and lost 6, so go me!

After bowling I dropped the car off at Reflections and walked home, it was nice, then I went to Wendy's cause I was starving, hadn't eaten all day, except for pizza and a brownie. Then I went online and got pissed at the big computer and decided to walk to Kirby's house, which took me a good twenty minutes...

I don't think I have to do any more physical exertion for a couple days...

So I've been here since then, got to see Chris be a dirty old man and now I'm watching Kirby play MegaMan Network Transmission

I'd say it's been a good weekend...
20th-Aug-2003 06:11 pm (UTC)
20th-Aug-2003 07:27 pm (UTC)
Hello! *waves*
22nd-Aug-2003 04:49 am (UTC)
what's up?
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