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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
Good lord what a night... 
21st-Sep-2003 12:49 am
today SUCKED..all capitals, S-U-C-K-ED SUCKED...not gonna go into that, cause that's not the importance of this entry, we went to Pizza Hut so they could have dinner, and things...took a turn...

Kirby was telling stories about arguing with a "special" student, in fact, it was a special argument, "You're a ham sandwich!" "Well you're a ham sandwich with milk!"

Things are getting better!

Food came, food went, and we went Quarter Shopping, I got a couple necklaces and a mini steelers helmet

Better, better!

We needed something to do, it was almost ten o'clock and nearly everything was closed, Liz suggested the Wal-Mart Superstore, since, being a SuperStore, it should be open! We go, it's not, we need something else to do, so we go to the mall and drive around the parking lot, not following the normal routes of traffic, mind you, just driving around.

Things are MUCH better!

We come around to the food court and happen upon this couple, real large woman, small stick man, in a blue...we'll guess Toyota...

We decide to fuck with said couple...

First thing we do, pull up behind them, kitty corner like, and flip on the high beams...after a couple seconds stick-man looks up towards us, I slam it into reverse, spin around and drive away real quick-like. We spin around a little bit more and go back to the makers outers. This time we just idle towards them, not touching the gas, not touching the brake, just rolling, we pull up beside them and circle around them, still idling, and then slowly idle away. Kirby says the girl flipped him off at this point.

The night has become awesome...

As we're driving away all the lights in the parking lot go off...score...we back as far away from them as we can, up against a wall that sections off the dumpsters, and start flashing the headlights and brights at them. I flashed SOS at them a couple times, which made me laugh, anyway. By now it was ten of eleven, and we had to get Liz home, so we drove towards them, flipped on the brights drove beside them, then I spun the car around and took off out of the parking lot.

I haven't not smiled since...it was a good, good night...
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