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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
Well, some people know this, but, for the rest of you's 
6th-Oct-2003 10:59 am
Instead of a bus trip to Vancouver, it's looking more like a flight to England.

I swear, I have never wanted anything in life more than I want to meet this woman, she, seriously, is amazing.

Anyone want to donate to the cause? Please?
6th-Oct-2003 08:28 am (UTC) - hahaaaaaa
no way man. if you make a donation for the adam vancouver fund, you have to make equal contributions to the jaden dallas fund.
6th-Oct-2003 09:20 am (UTC) - Re: hahaaaaaa
6th-Oct-2003 10:05 am (UTC) - Re: hahaaaaaa
wait, what's YOUR charity?!? :-P
6th-Oct-2003 08:52 pm (UTC) - Re: hahaaaaaa
um...the Neelia college fund?
6th-Oct-2003 09:01 pm (UTC)
Only if you take me with you! I always wanted to go ^.^
8th-Oct-2003 12:43 pm (UTC)
to college with me? hehe, jk
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