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When Did I Become Thirty?
or "Wait, there are people who were born in 1994?!"
I had a good day 
4th-Nov-2003 09:40 pm

Woke up round 10...or was it 9:30 and pulled up the computer. Chatted with Aileen for a bit, finalized plans, and headed out.

I hit up the Berries to get David Cross on DVD and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog on CD, then I got gas, went home, showered, changed, did some menial shits and hit the road.

Took about an hour, hour fifteen to get there, thanks to the excellent directions given to me, and I meet her out front, we park, go inside, and await Steve, friend number one I'm supposed to meet.

Steve doesn't show up, so we head to the cafeteria, and I meet up with Mike (Later to be known as Doug), Steve, Tyler, Bean, Cam (Guh, douchebag), kid in blue shirt, and kid with glasses...I'm not so good at the names of the people that didn't come back around later.

After we ate we went back to her room and just chilled for a bit, waiting for Steve and Mike, we waited, and waited, then we went outside and waited, then came back in, Aileen stripped for me (:-P), then we went back out...they weren't coming. We walked to their dorm, tried calling Steve, nothin, went back, and there they were.

So we went back to Aileen's room and hung out, Mike showed us some yo-yo schtuff and informed us all of the history of the yo-yo, thanks to Aileen's wonderful questions. We sat, looked at pictures, picked a movie, and went outside so Aileen and Steve could smoke (grr grr grr).

Tyler showed up, so the four of us (Five if you count Mike/Doug as two people, but who would, really) went into the "common room" (It's a lounge, people) to watch "High Anxiety", a Mel Brooks movie.

The movie finished and we went to dinner, met up with green-fleece kid, Sam, pink-haired DropKick Murphy, and blue shirt kid was back. Then Bean showed up, too. We ate, chatted, laughed, I got a piece of kielbasa bounced off my face, and then we left. Aileen put off her paper by giving me a mini-tour, and then it was back on the road.

I contemplated stopping by my uncle's and Emmanuel, but I didn't do either, cause my aunt and uncle usually pass out in the living room by 6, and it was 6:30 at this point, and I didn't want to make my inaugural trip into Boston alone in the dark, cause it seems to me it would be easier to get lost that way.

So I made it home OK, and here I am, Nanny's not here like Kirby thought she'd be (She'll get her own journal entry eventually, prolly next time she's here) and now I'm watching 24.

All in all, my day rawked, rawked very hard, yes.
4th-Nov-2003 07:27 pm (UTC)
I am glad you have a good day...I was so happy to see you. I am so glad that you came! It was awesome.
6th-Nov-2003 05:59 am (UTC)
9:30 maybe but never 6:30. You didn't want to deal with your cousins. Uncle.
6th-Nov-2003 09:03 am (UTC)
Dag, I shoulda dropped by then, coulda hung out, though, knowing them kids, probably never would have gotten home in time for 24...
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